Remembering Ruth and Percy Crawford



- Love Wonderful Love-Pinebrook Praises- Percy & Ruth-Ruth & Billy Graham-47
Page 02-Percy Crawford. WIBG-1947

No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus- Pinebrook Choruses
Page 04-
Crawford Family-1944, 1956, 1959

Christ Is Mine- Pinebrook Choruses- Ruth & Percy Crawford, 1930's & 40's
Page 06- Pinebrook Quartet's with Ruth & Percy-1930's & 40's

Wedding Prayer- Mountainbrook Melodies
Page 08- Ruth & Percy's Wedding Day-1933

Just Abide- Radio Requests-The Four D's, 1945
Page 10- Percy Crawford- 1928

This Little Light Of Mine- Pinebrook Praises-Pinebrook Quartet, 1935
Page 12- Ruth & Percy and the 5D's-1950

I Am With You- Pinebrook Victory Songs- Youth On The March Singers, 1949
Page 14- YPCA Television, Channel 17- Philadelphia, Pa, 1958

Sound The Battle Cry- Radio Requests-2-Don & Dick, Pinebrook-Donna Lee,58
Page 16- Percy Crawford, ROTC-1930

When He Shall Come- Pinebrook Choruses- Ruth & Percy, late 30's
Page 18- Almeda & Rowan Pearce, 1943- Pinebrook Speakers, 1945

Something Happened- Radio Requests- Pinebrook Collage, 1935
Page 20- Youth On The Mach Telecast, 1949

O Happy Day- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book- Y.O.T.M.-Ft. Lauderdale
Page 22- The 5 D's, Youth On The March Telecast, 1953

It Was For You- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book- Pinebrook Speakers
Page 24- Quartet & Percy, 1933-Ruth & Percy, Pinebrook, 1933

Thank You Lord- Pinebrook Melodies- Tha Ohman's
Page 26- The 4D's, 1954

He Lives- New Pinebrook Songs
Page 28- Percy & Ruth at an airport, late 30's

King's College Victory Song- The King's Song
Page 30- The King's College, New Castle Del.

Serenity In Thee- Hearts of Harmony- Ruth Crawford & Esther Duvall Eden
Page 32- Viola (nanny) Duvall, Ruth Crawford and Donna Lee Crawford

Laudes Christi- Pinebrook Melodies- Christmas with Ruth Percy and Don-1938
Page 34- Christmas with the Crawford's, 1949 and 1952

He Is Near- Hearts of Harmony- The Crawford's 1959
Page 36- Ruth Duvall, 1930-Viola Duvall (her wedding day)-Esther Duvall, 1928

How Wonderful- How Wonderful
Page 38- Esther Eden, Blanche Osborn and Ruth Crawford

This World Is Not My Home- Radio Requests- Percy,1958-Crawford's,48-Percy,27
Page 40- Percy Crawford and Steve Musto in Korea in 1953

The Blessing Song- Pinebrook Choruses- Ruth, Bob Sam & Steve, 53-Crawford's, 58
Page 42- The 5 D's from various years-Percy with his brothers,1912-Pinebrook Dining,1940

Were You There- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book-Pinebrook & Percy
Page 44- Ruth Duvall, 1918

Christ Is Mine- Pinebrook Choruses- Y.O.T.M. Brass- Ruth Crawford and Quartet
Page 46-Percy and Ruth Crawford, Mutual Radio, 1948

Wait On The Lord- Songs Of Heaven-Ruth, Viola, Esther,34-Ruth & Percy,36-Percy,28
Page 48- Percy with Bible, 1930

Spirt Of The Living God- New Pinebrook Songs- Pinebrook staff with the Crawford's,41
Page 50- Pinebrook tabernacle, 1941-Percy building tabernacle, 1933

Jesus Never Fails- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book- Youtharama-1954
Page 52- YPCA rally, December 1954, Philadelphia, Pa

O Say, But I'm Glad- Pinebrook Choruses- Ruth and Percy on a boat, 1930
Page 54- Ruth and Percy, Pinebrook 1936

When God Is Near- Radio Requests
Page 56- 24 Various Pinebrook Speakers

I Have Christ In My Heart- Pinebrook Melodies
Page 58-
Ruth Crawford Porter collage

Still Still With Thee- The King's Song- Song Hand Arranged by Ruth Crawford
Page 60- Youth on the March Quartet, Don, Bob, Sam and Steve with Ruth and Percy, 1955

Thank You Lord- Radio Requests- Percy at UCLA, 1928- Ruth & Percy,28- Nanny,1973
Page 62- The 5 D's, all around the age of 12

I Will Guide Thee- Pinebrook Praises- Pinebrook Quartet, 1934 and R. Fenton Duvall
Page 64- Fenton, Ruth, Percy, Quartets and Hannah his beloved wife

I Was There When It Happened- Radio Requests
Page 66- Percy preaching on a Youth On The March Telecast, 1951

My Yesterday- Pinebrook Victory Songs
Page 68- Percy Crawford, Cliff Barrows and Billy Graham, Pinebrook, 1947-Pinebrook Speakers

Where He Leads Me- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book-4D's,Y.O.T.M.,1948
Page 70-The Crawford's and Duvall's,1957, 60's,80's-Viola's husband-Percy's mom and dad,1904

More Time Alone With Thee, Lord Jesus- Pinebrook Melodies
age 72- Percy Crawford, 1930

"V" Is For Victory- Pinebrook Praises
Page 74- Pinebrook Inn, 1934

How Greatly Jesus Must Have Loved Me- Pinebrook Choruses- Don & Dick, 1940
Page 76- Ruth Crawford ,1936.

Into My Heart- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book- Ruth & Percy fishing,35
Page 78- Pinebrook Tabernacle, 1936

Almost Persuaded- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book- Crawford Collage's.
Page 80- Percy preaching from a diving board, 1929

Near To The Heart Of God- Pinebrook Choruses- Various Crawford pictures
Page 82- Pinebrook campfire with percy preaching.- The Telecasters, Bob, Sam, Don & Steve.

Just A Closer Walk With Thee- Radio Requests- Percy Crawford, 1931
Page 84- The King's College, Briarcliff Manor, New York, 1958

The Happy Jubilee- Pinebrook Victory Songs- Collages of Ruth, 1918-1935
Page 86- Percy, Ruth, Don and Dick, Pinebrook, 1939

No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus- Pinebrook Choruses- Crawford Collages.
Page 88- Ruth Duvall, Pinebrook 1932

The Old Accound Was Settled Long Ago- Pinebrook Victory Songs-Percy Collages.
Page 90- Pinebrook Advertisement, 1959

Sweeter Than The Day Before- New Pinebrook Songs
Page 92- King's College Newsletter Memorial to Ruth and Percy,1960 & 86-Pinebrook add,1955

Blest Be The Tie That Binds- Y.P.C.A. Hymn Book-4 D's,1952
Page 94- Don and Percy Crawford, Pinebrook, 1939

Since Jesus Came Into My Heart- Young People's Church Of The Air Hymn Book
Page 96- Donna and Ruth, 1975

Where He Leads Me- Y.P.C.A. Hymn Book-Pinebrook Bookstore,Phila.
Page 98- Youth on the March Singers on WFIL-TV and the Crawford's on Dumont television, 1952.

On The Cross For Me- Y.P.C.A Hymn Book- TV and Radio listings,52
Page 100- Various Photos of the Pinebrook Bible Conference, 1950 and 60.

My Saviour's Love- The King's Song- Percy Ruth,33 & 37-Ruth Duvall,1925-Quartet,51



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